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Home Brewing Recipes: Craft Beer Tips You Can Do at Home for the Fall

Oktoberfest Beers

Another option for fall craft beers is the malty dark lagers (Marzens) that are characteristic of Oktoberfest celebrations. To create your own, start with a basic Helles recipe. Kick the base malt up to a gravity of 1.055-1.060. Just add some more bittering hops to make up for the added base malt boost.

Some Other Autumn Flavors Worth Considering

Maple is always a popular craft brew ingredient in the fall. The uniquely robust autumn flavor can be achieved by mixing maple syrup (fresh, if possible) with yams, molasses, nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla with your yeast of choice. Light sour flavors and caramel are equally satisfying fall flavors that can make a tasty craft beer perfect for soothing a fall chill.


Brewing Supplies and Methods to Use for Creating Your Own Beer at Home

With the rising popularity of craft beers, the entry barrier to becoming a brewer has become lower. It’s easier than ever to find brewing supplies in Sacramento, and new techniques allow aspiring brewers to learn the trade with a small budget and minimal experience. There are three major techniques that cater to various levels of skill and experience.

Home Beer Kit

Many first-time brewers begin with a home beer kit. These kits serve as something of an introductory-level course, guiding you through the methodology and chemistry behind the beer making process. Home kits typically consist of a tin of malt extract pre-mixed with malts and a yeast packet. The process is as simple as could be and involves just mixing the yeast and malts together and letting the brew ferment. While it’s simple and guaranteed to provide a quality taste, it doesn’t allow the customization you get with more advanced techniques.

Art of Beer Making: How Adjuncts Can Affect Your Home Brewing Recipes

Beer brewing is an art that is almost as old as civilization itself. For millennia, people have tried to craft and perfect their own home brewing recipes using different grains and equipment that helped them achieve good tasting beer. Today’s beer is mainly made from barley, and some beer enthusiasts would insist that a top-quality drink should only be made from barely. However, other grains are also just as capable of whipping up a great batch of the famous drink.

Wheat, sorghum, rye, oats, corn, rice, and even sugar are all known as adjuncts. The term “adjunct” refers to any unmalted grain used in beer brewing to supplement the main ingredient (commonly malted barley). Some people think that adjuncts are only used to cut down on production costs, since some grains like rice and corn are cheaper than barley.

DIY Beer: Worth Every Penny Spent on Brewing Supplies in Sacramento

WiseBread.com contributor Marla Walters is familiar with brewing homemade beer. After her husband started the hobby, their kitchen was practically turned into a brewery—there’s a big stockpot with foam on the sides, a gigantic thermometer, tubes, and oddly shaped brushes. There’s also a bag of “carbonation drops” (which look like lemon drops, but are white), bottle caps, a capping apparatus, and a six-gallon glass “carboy” which is a huge, heavy bottle full of future beer.

These are among the most essential tools and equipment required for brewing homemade beer, available from a Sacramento brewing supplies stores, such as The Brewmeister. If you’re an aspiring brewer, however, you’ll need to take note of a few things before you venture to your local brewing supplies store.

DIY Wine and Beer: Why Home Brewing in California Is a Great Idea

Due to the rising popularity of craft beers and the increased willingness of many to try out home brewing for themselves, good home brewing supplies in Sacramento are not hard to find. In fact, shops such as The Brewmeister don’t just supply home brewing equipment and materials for enthusiasts of all levels. They also offer beginning and advanced classes for people who want to learn more about the craft. After all, it’s a known fact that while wine and beer can certainly make any situation more fun, home brewing elevates the experience to something more special and more personal. Consider enlisting the aid of such shops to have such an experience.